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Examination Of Compactness Of The Physique

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Samhanana Pariksha means examination of compactness of the physique. It’s one among the many tenfold examinations of the affected person as defined by Grasp Charaka.
Samhanana = compactness
Pariksha = examination

Sanghata and samyojana are the synonyms of samhanan, all of which imply compactness of the physique.
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Attribute options of compact physique

When the physique has good compactness, which is without doubt one of the instruments of measurement of complete well being, the physique will exhibit the under talked about attribute options –

  • Sama suvibhakta asthi – the bones of the physique are in proper steadiness, in proper proportions, distributed in a proper and even method
  • Subaddha sandhi – nicely fashioned, built-in and secure bony joints
  • Sunivishta mamsa shonitam – correct steadiness and distribution of muscle tissue and blood within the physique
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Energy of the physique based mostly on compactness

The energy of the particular person will be selected the kind of compactness she or he has. This can assist the doctor to make selections concerning the interventions and energy of the medicines to be suggested for the given affected person. This additionally would classify the compactness into 3 varieties.

Sl No Kind of compactness Kind of energy
1 Su-samhanana / Pravara samhanana (Good compactness) Pravara Bala – good energy
2 Madhyama Samhanana (Average compactness) Madhyama Bala – reasonable energy
3 Avara Samhanana (Least compactness) Avara Bala – least energy

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Sanskrit Verses

Significance of Samhanana Pariksha

Samhanana pareeksha determines the energy of a person. It thus helps in analyzing the energy and endurance of the person, wholesome or in any other case.

Well being of the physique can also be depending on energy and endurance of the physique. Subsequently, a great compact physique signifies a wholesome physique. Equally, reasonable compactness suggests reasonable well being and insufficient compactness signifies unhealthy well being.
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From the reason of Grasp Charaka it’s clear that the compactness of the physique of any particular person is measured and selected the premise of steadiness and distribution of bones, joints, muscle tissue and blood within the physique. Subsequently, cautious evaluation of those tissues when it comes to their high quality and amount and the way wholesome they’re and the way finest they’re distributed and synchronized provides the doctor an concept of the compactness of the physique.

Amongst these the bones, joints and muscle tissue type an essential a part of the musculoskeletal system. Subsequently, the examination of the musculoskeletal system and standing of blood i.e. the balanced blood circulation decide the compactness of the physique. The steadiness and integrity of those tissues together with their even distribution is the important thing for deciding the compactness of the physique.

Enhance, lower or proportional imbalance in these tissues will result in imbalanced compactness. The muscle tissue, bones and joints are all linked in structural integrity and useful integrity too. Their integration and relative well being is the important thing for actions and locomotion. Subsequently, with the compactness of the physique doesn’t preserve as much as its commonplace limits of figuring out well being, the actions and locomotion too can be hampered.

Sama samhanana – i.e. balanced compactness of the physique is without doubt one of the indicators of fine well being in response to a reference from Charaka Samhita. Charaka additionally tells that the one who has proportionate and evenly distributed musculature, compactness, robust sense organs (notion) won’t suffer from the energy of the illnesses (robust illnesses) and likewise those that have the capability to tolerate starvation, thirst, solar warmth, chilly and results of bodily workouts, who has correct urge for food and digestive energy and has good nourished muscle tissue. Which means these persons are more healthy compared to others. Right here we are able to observe that the compactness of the physique has been thought of as one of many parameters for accessing well being and energy of people.

These are the the explanation why the compactness of the physique must be examined and analyzed completely.

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Affected person Remark

Does the joints of the affected person look compact and in a single piece?
Are the joints look weak?
Do the muscle tissue look robust and tidy?
Does the fats has undesirable fats deposits in arms, stomach, buttocks?
Does all of the organs and limbs look well-nourished?
Is there a glow and radiance?
Is there physique steadiness and symmetry?




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